I’m a pretty big Metal Gear Fan.

Back in 2001, the only way to get a game demo was if it was given to you on disc, and Konami had decided to package Sons of Liberty with a new game called Zone of The Enders…

zone of the metal gear demo 02

or as I liked to call it, Zone of the Metal Gear Demo.

I had a lot of fun with that demo, easily logging in a 100+ hours as I explored the simulation Hideo Kojima had created.

I even hosted a contest at MegaCon where people did speed runs of the demo two years in a row. One of those people happened to be my buddy James.

James remembered how much I liked it, and when he saw this, knew my Christmas was secured!


Yes, that’s right, Zone of the Enders HD collection came with a demo disk of Metal Gear Rising: REVENGANCE!

zone of the metal gear demo 01

We’re not talking about a free download code either, it’s an honest to god disk separate from the HD game!

zone of the metal gear demo 03

So yea that’s kick ass! Maybe one day I’ll play the game that come with the demo… we’ll see.