Yesterday I said I would tell you what Gabi and I are up to.

Remember when my Dad started going to the Rodeo and taking pictures of a big stuffed bull?

Well Rodeo season is over and he had the equipment already so he came up with the idea to use it all month for the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse.

This is what the chainsaw and blood splatters was all about.

To do this, we’ll need:
* Props for guest to hold.
* Zombies for them to fight with those props
* a backdrop for them to fight against

This is what we’ve come up with so far…

Keep in mind this was taken during the day, and blood splatter is temporarily.

We’re thinking of doing this project wide-screen instead of long-wise like you see above so we need to pick up a new brick facade tomorrow but once that’s up we will make the background more interesting with some bio hazard and missing person’s signs and of course more blood.

After that we’ll be good to go for the event and hope to sell lots of pics.

After they are taken you can buy them right then and order copies online. I think I’ll host that here so you can expect a chance to see them in the future.