When I was at Jacon my friends kept talking about Spike Spiegel being at the con.

This is Spike Spiegel, he’s a fictional character.


He was voiced by Steven Blum, who I assumed they were talking about.

Turns out they were talking about Spike SPINCER


The voice of Shiji Ikari from Evangelion.

If you didn’t know…

…I’m a bit of an Eva Fan

Anyway, first chance I got I went down and got an autograph.


Shinji was not the best character to play in the world, but Spike did it amazingly well.  I was thrilled to meet him, but as you can imagine he didn’t care to much about meeting yet another Eva fan.

screw it, I got my Eva DVD autographed by one of the only cast members I hadn’t met. 

That makes me a very happy fanboy.