On our way out from class yesterday both Chris’ and I saw a kid get hit by a car in the school parking lot. 

The person that got hit is ok, it wasn’t critical or fatal, but he was still hurt pretty badly, and we had to call for an ambulance.


I don’t know how it happened, but people started asking questions like “should we move him?”  and “should we call 911”  and somehow I became the guy to answer those questions.

It was surreal, when it was all over I felt guilty because ‘who was I to make those calls?’ People assumed I was a friend of the kids, but I had never met him before. I just saw someone in trouble and did what I could to help. I did get a thank you from the driver, the injured kid, Full Sail security, and the local police so I must have done a good job at being bossy.

He was in a lot of pain so we kept him talking to make sure he didn’t pass out, and lucky both Chris’ kept their wits too.  C. Least knew to elevate his feet (that’s where the bumper of the car hit him)  and C. Siegle spotted the monster truck and realized they would have lots of ice to keep the drinks cool so he got them to pull over for us.

A random person was walking by with their luggage and she was nice enough to offer her clothes to hold the ice and use as a pillow to support his head. I guess she didn’t have time to stick around so she left her clothes there for him. that was really nice.

Everyone on the scene did everything they could to help and that makes me feel good. It’s nice to know that when it comes down to it, people will generally stand up when it’s time to.