The guys over at ”A Comic Shop” had a zombie chained to the rafters. They would have killed him on sight, but decided to wait 24 hours to teach people how to deal with the undead menace in a controlled environment. You could get your picture taken with it, but I was afraid to go anywhere near it until my buddy Erik got to the store. I told them I didn’t want to be unarmed, so they immediately handed me a gun.

It was a Walther P99 semiautomatic 9mm pistol.

You have to understand that this is my all time favorite gun, you can see it in my avatar pic. It’s sleek, tactical, ambidextrous, hammerless… pretty much the exact gun I will have when the apocalypse comes. I had it 4 years before James Bond had ever heard of it. Needless to say knowing that it was available was a +10 to my initiative. I grabbed it, cocked it, and had that Zak dead to rights in one fluid movement.

They got a good pic of that along with a few other cool poses like me with the gun under my chin and the zombie about to take a bite of my neck. Since it was their camera, we’ll have to wait till they post the pictures on-line before I can share them.

I really like that store, they do a lot of fun things like that. I hear there will be zombie target practice at the local shooting range, and I’m all about that! A short while back they had protesters for pro/anti hero registration. I wish I had known about it because I’m pro-reg and would love to have shown my support. I salute the, Tony Stark.

Oh and by the way….

Always save the last bullet for yourself, just in case.