Spring brings pollen.

Back in the swamps of Florida it’s a common thing to see all the cars and surfaces yellow. But here? Here is worth taking note of.

The sky is YELLOW! It gets so thick here you can see it for miles, it snows it.

Luckily, it started raining after a few days and washed a lot of it away. Gabi got the above pic on her way to work earlier in the week, and I got these yesterday when the rain started.

The ground looked like it was covered in paint and made me glad once again that I have a garage to keep my vehicles in. Both the car and the bike are coated, but only from when they were taken out into the cloud. Other cars are totally yellow even after rain.

Sometimes when I point out weather phenomena I’m not use to people will act like it’s not a big deal because it happens in their state. But even if this one happens to you, you have to admit it’s weird.