I’m finally rested and ready to rewrite the post about the yard sale. Like I said I had to get up so early to get a spot that I just didn’t go to bed. I wanted to get a spot under a tree, but that didn’t work out so instead I went for right in the middle.

You’ll notice the companion cube and spartan helmet. I had no plans to actually sell these things, I just wanted folks to know I had more then just old vacuum cleaners and plastic jungle cats at my table.

that’s right, no only did some one have a plastic jungle cat, it was one of the first things sold.

people have a weird way of shopping at places like this. What they do is either slow down and look then drive away real fast, or they stop, do a clockwise search of each table, then walk waaaay out on the side walk to avoid people they didn’t buy from.

this happened almost every time so I thought it was worth noting.

Once Gabi arrived to watch the table, I decided to try the old dancing at the street tactic. I grabbed my helm and a few props and did a little shuffle on the side walk.

It actually worked! I got a few people to come check us out. At least the other yard sale folks got a kick out of it.

End the end we got rid of shit we didn’t want and made over 100 bucks in profit. My sunburn turned into a tan and I got a Slurpee and some pizza.

I call that a double win!