This whole week my sleep schedule has been upside down. I’ve been going to bed in the afternoon and waking up at after midnight. I tired to fix this by staying up all night, but that didn’t work so I’m embracing it and using it to my advantage.

Both of my classes start at 9am so I’m just getting up at three and staying up till it’s time to go. This has the advantage of an entire quiet city let alone house, so it gives me the chance to work on my video project and play movies in the background like street fighter.

I added the movie to my netflix que because it was in the running for a special edition. I didn’t expect to get it so quick but I turned my subscription up to 4 disks at a time to get cartoon openings and ran out of things to capture before the end of the month.

I won’t try to defend this movie, it is bad. Van Damme just can’t speak English very well, and it hurts his acting quite a bit. But I was very surprised to see Raul Julia brings in a perfect performance as always.

I’m serious, if you could somehow take just his character and measure it on it’s own you would find that he is a nuanced sympathetic villain that wants to make the world a better place by taking down the governments that stand in the way of utopia.

He’s delusional of course, but not from his point of view. Like he says in the movie “the day I graced your village was the most important day of your life. for me, it was Tuesday.” The way Raul plays the part you could see a guy trying something like this.

But like I said, the movie was crap. I’m not a street fighter fan, I’ve never played the game for longer then 5 minutes, but I can tell you that this movie was not the plot to that game.

It’s a torment movie, and that’s really the only way you can make it work. Spend 90% of your time in the ring. Make it about one character who has to get to the top to get face to face with Byson, and for the love of god put the special movies in the movie.

Up until a few years ago Hollywood believed it had to change things to make them more realistic for the audience. I’m so glad things like 300 and V for Vendetta have come out, it proves that if you stay consistent with your source material you’ll win every time.