I am on cloud 9 right now.  This is a picture of Justin, one of the main guys at the studio I’m interning for.

This picture was taken as I was teaching him a little about video editing.  Earlier that day he went to a secret location and filmed some documentary style footage of a major recoding artist working on a new track.

Once the teaser video for the song is up I’ll link you over to it. In the mean time I can’t tell you who it was, or what they were working on. I can only tell you this; you know who it is no matter what kind of music you’re into, and he’s awesome… and a man.

This was my frist day coming in to help with normal intern type stuff and I was there for 13 hours of ass kicking in-the-industry grunt work. It’s the kind of opportunity I’ve always dreamed of and is finally coming together.

I was up for 24 hours that day and if I’m lucky I’ll never sleep again!