I’ve decided to get back into Wacko Reviews and to start I need a cool opening to the show. I’ve had the idea for what I’ve wanted for a while but damn it, it’s time to get er done!

There have been two things delaying me on doing that.

1. need music (got something done last night)
2. I need to animate my spaceship

Look familiar? It should cus it’s in the upper right side of my site right now, but also because it’s my ship the USS Lucidity. (the first time you see the ship is in the Stargate review)

I got it from turbosquid and modified it to look the way it does. I also transfered it from 3ds Max to Cinema 4d because that program works almost perfectly with after effects.

Animating it is easy enough, but I have to train myself in a new program to export it out and that’s going to take a few days.

After it’s done I’ll be sure to show it to you, and I’ll start work on my first episode immediately after. One every two weeks again… I can totally do this.