I only came in for half a day today, but it was still really informative.

It’s hard to articulate what I learned because most of you don’t use wordpress, so I’ll make a quick bullet list of some of the key things:

* you should be using wordpress, seriously
* plug-ins are good, but tweaking the theme in php is a little better
* SEO is both easy and hard, and there are tricks to it I didn’t know before
* I know more about wordpress then I thought, this confirmed things I was already doing
* there are tweaks to make the dashboard easier to use
* lots of other tweaks to make my workflow better
* There are a handfull of plug-ins I didn’t have that I really needed

Of course, like any conference of this type, it’s more about networking then learning and that’s mainly done at the after party.

This was the first industry party I’ve been to, and I’m happy to report I did meet and greet a lot of local people. I even met one person that offered me a job, and I’m hoping to hear back form him.

I filmed some of the panels and exchange for my pass and I’ll be editing those together soon. Once they’re online I’ll link them over.