As I said last year, I’m a big fan of The Wizard of Oz

This movie is the very best golden Hollywood could create. Not only does it stand up now, but it’s going to look good pretty much forever.

The Fox has got some seating problems, but it’s a classic venue. When I heard this film was going to be shown there I grabbed tickets for me and Gabi right away.

I didn’t want to be period accurate, but I wanted to experience the style of going to a movie in 1939, so Gabi and I overdressed for the occasion.


To my pleasant surprise we found the theater was PACKED! The Fox can hold over 4600 people and almost every seat was filled.

The best part about that was a lot of the audience had not seen this movie at all. Gabi and I got to hear thousands of people gasp at the appearance of the witch, and cheer at her defeat.

Two of the younger kids in front of us were really into the cowardly lion. From the second he put up his dukes they were laughing at everything he did.

So yea, this movie is still tops, and the Wizard is still the smoothest criminal I’ve ever seen.

Seeing it in a theater was an experience to have, I highly recommend it.