Over the last few weeks I’ve had a strange amount of creatures in the house. Most of them I got a picture of but missed a few like the brown bird that somehow got in even though all the windows and doors were closed.

It actually started with the week long extra gig, where there was in inch worm stuck to the bus window.

And later there was… something on my sweater

At home it wasn’t any different, first a cat came in through the basement to hunt.

I think he has laser vision because no picture of him is without the lens flairs…

Anyway after that we got a big ass frog

And then a giant harry spider

I’m glad to say that all of these creatures made it out of alive. The bird flew out the door as soon as I opened it and everything else let us catch it and take it outside. The spider was the most cooperative, it was the frog didn’t want to leave.

So I figure next is a horse of course. I would say a snake, but I’ve had plenty of them back at my swampy home in Florida.

Whatever comes next I’ll be sure to share with you though.