Last Thursday James, Rosie, Gabi and I got to get a first look at the upcoming Revolution 2, more commonly known as the Wii-U

Because I had to fly out to a con the next day, we went on a Thursday, so we really were some of the first to see it in Atlanta.

The inside was set up like a night club, so there was a lot of colored lights about. This affected all the pics but not enough to make them unusable.

So what did I think of the new system? I liked it quite a bit!

My main problem with the wii was that it was too far behind the curve for third party developers to port their content to it, because of this there were never any games I wanted to play.

Now, this system should be able to keep up with whatever Xbox and Playstation come up with so things like batman should play on it just fine.

Not only that, but the wiimote gimmick wasn’t required, and the thing they’re replacing it with is very VERY COOL.

The new controller works exactly like it should, the gameplay that went with it was great, and it had the correct amount of buttons a modern system needs.

I played a few minutes of Batman Arkham City and used the controller’s screen to enter Detective mode.

Even if Microsoft and Sony don’t do something similar, these features can be added to the Nintendo with little overhead, meaning developers are very likely to do so. I can picture this being use for maps, and election screens quite a bit without the other systems suffering at all.

The event itself was two hours long, and I got the chance to try everything I wanted. They had some kiosks set up that could read our id cards. This automatically posted them on Facebook and twitter for us, defiantly a bonus!

As you can see, the lighting was kinda weird for the official photos too, but still a neat idea.

I know it was a free event, but I thought it was a little light on swag, all we really got were some jones sodas, and some cookies.

I’m not asking for the moon, but something I could keep longer than snacks would have been cool.

Still, the show succeeded in its goal of selling me on the product, I really dig this system and that’s accessing a demographic they were not before.

Unless Xbox releases what it has planned, I’ll be picking one up this Christmas.