After being delayed because of AFO, then Gymkata, then my bluray player dieing, I finally saw dark knight like a civilized human being.


and what did I think of the critically acclaimed best movie of 2008?


I liked it!

no real shock there, it was everything I had heard, and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  my favorite part was that it felt like 2 movies, it was long and that made the angisity even better because was it ever going to end?

I thought the joker was amazing, he scares the crap out of me, and I’m glad he does not really exist. Let’s be honest though, there’s about 1000 times he NEEDED to be shot in the head.  That a cop didn’t do it is far fetched even in a movie about a guy dressed as a bat.

 I thought MOST of Heath Ledgers performance was great, but I really didn’t like the chop licking growling thing he did.  In a lot of ways he was a bum, old and dirty and I didn’t like that part.

it’s not that I need him to look like the animated series version, it’s just that he went out of his way to look like that.  For example he washed his make up off when was in disguise.  are you really telling me he put it back on half ass?  that’s just stupid.  He puts it on, then never washing it, there’s a difference.

but that point is minor, it’s a good movie and I’m glad I finally saw it.

Even as great as that was though, there is another movie that I’m more excited about…


I really want this movie to be good. James and I talked about watchmen before during and after dark knight, it’s awesomeness overshadows even this, and that’s saying something.