At the last presidential election, I chose not to vote, my view was that both Bush and Kary were capable of getting things done (and I still stand by that) but this time I decided I did like Obama more and am going to vote for him.

I don’t tell you this to start a political thing, I just want you to know my choice, and tell you about the only tool I found that helped me make it.


It’s a flash program that breaks down the debates and campaigns of each candidate in a clear easy to understand manner.

It will ask you questions about important issues then tell you who lines up with those views better. I found I was pretty torn between the two, but I was with Obama on issues of the war and the economy, so it put my mind at ease that I was making a good choice.

I post about it because it helped, and if your like me you’re dawning in misinformation and pressure to make the right choice this thing is great.

If you end up using it, let me know.