Every Christmas I always think of the fruity pebbles commercial they played every year and earlier today I posted some lyrics to it on twitter. (my dad had no idea what I was talking about)

I think everyone my age has seen that, and of course everyone in America has seen the Flintstones going all the way back to the black and white days.

If I didn’t post that, someone would have brought it up so there you go…

Anyway this Christmas commercial is what I think of every year, and THAT makes me think of a totally unrelated ad that only I seem to remember.

You know… somewhere along the way the Flintstones forgot what they were suppose to be doing.

Back in the 60’s when everything was still analog it was funny to see them do it with stone age and animal driven versions but COME ON they have 100 foot HD TVs and spot lights now?!

really, Flintstones, REALLY?

It’s not like they can’t emulate modern 21st century life I mean thinking about what twitter would be like cracks me up, but even in a Hanna Barabara cartoon there needs to be some limits.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to check Craigstones list for a job as an extra in the Saber Tooth Vampire Diaries. (meh it’s a living)