Wheldon Smiley The Movie II: Still Smilin’ was made to show live at the beginning of AFO 8. It was a lot of fun to make and produce, and I’m proud of this project. It’s the first one I’ve ever done that’s gone from script to final version exactly as intended. I made an interactive menu for the DVD, burned a cover on the disk, and full color poster. All of this before I even started deign school.



It’s grainy and amateur, but I still like it today. Not only did it go over great at the con, but it helped people really understand the whole cast. Holly and Jack are shown as capable without Wheldon’s presence, Dr Rosen fits right in with the rest of the cast, It introduces Wally Allgood as a real threat to Wheldon’s gameshow empire.

Cast list:
Scotty The Evil Producer
Wally Allgood himself
Wheldon Smiley himself
Allen Cheeseman: Jack “It’s what I do” Hammer
Carol Nolen Holly Black
James Panto Dr Duke Rosen
Carlos Romero Security guard hit by Jack
Jay Security guard hit by Holly
Chris Collins Wally All goods stand in / stunt double
Erik Reiss Director and Editor
Karen T Make up and costumes

production stills