Did you know Wheldon Smiley had a back story? I’ve made two movies, a pod cast, and have been playing the character for 10 years based on it

While looking through my notes of story ideas, I came across the original bio I wrote for the AFO3 con guide and it feels strange, but I’m going to include it in my week of story pitches so there is at least a record of it.


Wheldon Smiley hails from a long line of Game Show hosts. Not wanting to waste valuable training time, tiny cue cards and microphones where surgically implanted in the womb at the first trimester.

Very little is known about Wheldon’s family, or “Producers” as he calls them. They are a secretive group that lives their lives much like ninja clans. Failing to dominate the world by giant robots, mercenary armies, and genetically powered super freaks, they now plan to succeed with interesting quiz shows.

Wheldon does not believe in his producer’s vision for world domination and now uses his powers for good. Spending most of his time disguised as mild mannered computer technician, Wheldon dawns his magic Game Show suit whenever the need arises.

For many years, he wandered the globe, bringing games where there were none. Now joining forces with the juggernaut that is Anime Festival Orlando, Wheldon Smiley works diligently to make interactive game shows safe for all democracy!