Did you Know Ron Burgundy 2 is being filmed here in Atlanta?

It takes place in the 70’s the extras casting wants people who have the look.

I’m unfortunately too busy to be part of it but I since it was coming up in conversation a lot I posted a pic of me as Wheldon on Facebook.

Wheldon Smiley Green Screen

The people who know this outfit will think it’s weird but most here in Atlanta have never seen me in the suit.

The picture is from the time I was doing the Wheldon Smiley show and since it was on green screen my old pal Mike played around with it.

Wheldon Smiley ARt

How perfect is that?

I’ve never really played around with mimicking VHS effects, but this makes me want to cus Wheldon totally belongs in that kind of world.

Thanks Mike, this was fun to see.