I was surfing around today and saw that Smallville is going on it’s 9th season.


I never much cared for the show, but I can respect the premise

“show Clark Kent before he became superman, make the mandate that he will never put on the suit for the series.”

Ok, that’s a good hook, we can see what really drives such a powerful creature to do what he does, good stuff. I don’t even mind that it’s more of a soap opera, with a lot of whining on Clark’s part. No, the reason I’m making this post is because how can this go on for 9 years?!

I’m not saying they should cancel the show, it’s clearly popular, but at this point even ignoring all comic and movie cannon it really makes him look shallow to not wear the cape at 25 years old because he’s too busy worrying about what his girlfriend will think of him.

He’s already working at the daily planet, and flying around saving people has CLARK KENT, and from what I hear he’s part of the Justice League too!

I tried to find the answer online, but it wasn’t really clear, so I thought I’d make a post about it:

Not having the suit will keep the “will he or won’t he” sexual tension type thing going, but once he starts flying around saving the day that’s analogous to a couple being married and still asking if they are going to give into their feelings and hook up.

How does smallville justify how He’s doing all the things superman does without just calling himself Superman? I mean it’s been on for almost 10 years, so they have to at least acknowledge it, right?

If you watch the show, please share, I really want to know.