So for those of you who didn’t see the broadcast, what was the countdown all about?!

Wheldon Smiley is Back at AFO!

Most people who come to this site will know what that means, but just in case I think there are 5 questions to answer for those who don’t:

What Countdown?
What is AFO?
Who is Wheldon Smiley?
Why did he leave?
Why is it back?

The countdown was a week long advertisement to the first live broadcast of the wheldon smiley show. I’m pretty proud of the posters I made so here’s a link to all 6

Countdown Reset

Countdown 06

Countdown 05

Countdown 04

Countdown 03

Countdown 02

Countdown 01

AFO is Anime Festival Orlando, a yearly convention celebrating Japanese animation and culture. If you count the time I stayed in the con suite over night, I have worked every year of AFO’s decade long existence.

Wheldon Smiley is a TV host persona created to help make the game shows at AFO more interesting, over time I’ve created more and more events and Wheldon hosts them all weekend long.

I left the con last year because of differences of opinion with some of the other members of the staff. This was the only thing I could think to do because it was becoming to difficult to function with them.

I’ve come back because it’s the right thing to do. AFO is my family and I’m not giving up on them.

The broadcast was to announce this, but also to talk about our new website, and how fans of the event could contribute to make their experience more enjoyable.

The event was successful so from now on I’ll be doing a bi-weekly broadcast every other Friday at 8pm.

If you’re interested, you can find out about our ongoing events at and I made 2 recordings of the almost two hour broadcast which I’ve linked below.

smiley show 1 Broadcast your self LIVE

Wheldon Smiley Show 2Broadcast your self LIVE

It feels good to be back. I’m excited about the online show and hope to bring everything up to a new level.