This is a flash engine I made for the Weakest Geek Game show. There are only like 16 lines of code in the whole thing, everything you see here is individual animations.  Oh I’m sure there are easier ways to do it, but once I got something the way I liked, it was just a matter of copy, paste, and rename.

I’m awful proud of this interface, it works solid and the crowd was blown away.

to play:

Press space bar for each stage of the game

Press up and down to keep score

Each stage of the game is moved manually so the Hosts has time to talk to the players.

You may notice that some of the questions are just photographs. For the one’s that are pictures of Wheldon Smiley and his crew that person is to give a challenge to the player. For the pictures of ahime characters the player needs to leave the stage and find the image somehwere in the theature before the time is up.

There are other hidden functions of the engine, but that’s for me during live events, I’d rather not share.