I was going to finally go to Disney today, but a big storm came through and Gab said I couldn’t go that far on the bike so I stayed here instead.


On the upside, I was able to be mostly done with Cartoons 3 so that’s one more thing down.

Next step is to get with james and redo the opening and closing credits.  I hope to animate it this time because I want to show that I can indeed do that in my portfolio as well.

For the longest time I didn’t think my portfolio was going to be strong enough for that kind of work, but now I’m thinking twice about that.  By graduation I hope to take all I’ve learned and turn it into roginal professional quailty work to help me get a job doing filming, ediging, and motion graphics.

This is why you are seeing me blog about it a lot, to get as many projects done as I think I need I have to work on it every day.

Still, it’s fun work, and that is the point right?