This was created in adobe premier in in 1998, and mailed to AWA 4 on VHS. When it says “the time is almost here, 1999” it actually meant it, that was the future.

This was the first editing I ever did, and it’s pretty advanced work. It wasn’t easy to get this many shows to work off of, I was lucky to have access to a friends entire library, and that made this video unusual. Now a days It’s taboo to have subtitles in a video, but back then subs was all you could get so it was ignored. I hope you can see past it for the sake of history too, at least I tried to find footage where the subs were relevant.

It had been years since I last looked at these and I was surprised at how well they hold up. Thanks to the low rez of Internet video you can’t really tell that they’re so old.

This was the first creative thing I had ever done, and I really wanted people to like it. I’ve learned a lot about how to take criticism, unfortunately I learned the hard way by having my feelings hurt or getting upset more often then not. But still, growing pains are called pains for a reason right?

This video is my favorite because it’s action packed, and I think it hits some unusual musical beats that are pretty darn clever. I don’t think anyone else really saw it that way because it didn’t get much acclaim.

My next video is much more “main stream” and it taught me volumes about how people see things. A lot of my world view can be traced back to this actually, and I’ll tell you more about what I learned from that when I show it to you tomorrow.