When I made my coloring book the program launches with Wheldon but it’s really the wally vector that I think looks the best so I thought I would point it out.

I used the old vector I made a few years ago as the base.

The original version was made when I first started using illustrator and the colors were done with a gradient mesh. Because of this the actual illustration was a little weak. Notice the hair is smooth and the stroke lines are square at the ends of them because I didn’t know how to tweak it yet.

Now that I do I’m glad I could go back and make it look better, Wally’s much more angular here compared to his twin and the chin scruff is pointy and cool looking.

I really should go back and tweak Wheldon a little more, (I even forgot to import his eyebrows somehow) I just don’t have the time right now.

Even though it was just a proof of concept I feel a little bad about leaving Wheldon incomplete, so I’m sure I’ll find a reason to finish him somewhere down the line. Even retired he still seems to hang out in my brain.