Last night I finished all the shots and photos featuring Wheldon Smiley, and that means it’s time to move onto Wally Allgood.

I’ve always loved the evil twin idea and have wanted to try split screen for years. I think we’re going to have a really sharp trailer to show to at AFO and if I’m lucky that will get people interested in the games. Maybe Wheldon will finally become the household (or at least AFO.. hold) name I’ve always wanted him to be.

Just to be clear, if that above picture didn’t cue you in, I’m completely bald as of last night. I have one week to get the Wally Allgood shots I need before I have to start growing my hair back. If I wait any longer it wont be at a proper length for the con and that would ruin the whole thing.

I’m lucky I have my friends to help and encourage me with this. This year the entire thing is defiantly a group effort and I think that’s really going to show.
I hope everyone “gets” what we’re trying to do with this. If they do it’s going to make the entire show great.