As many of you know, I get email from AOL, and that means I also get some news forced on me too.  Every time I check my mail a little box pops up to tell me about the newest stories.


They are so bias it’s not even funny, they are anti Bush to a ridiculous degree. If the man poops in his own bathroom they’ll run a headline saying “Bush drops another bomb without permission from congress”  and I’m totally serious about that.

You can hate the man and his politics, he totally sucks, but he’s still a man. Not everything he does is pure evil as AOL would have you believe. 

I’ve wanted to bitch about this for a while, but politics it’s too much of a hot button for my tiny blog. However today they posted something unrelated but still completely bias that will help me make my point.


I am not saying the people in DC and Georgia are the best drivers, but would you think that Georgia is actually FIFTH on the list or would you think third they way they wrote that?


And New York was actually number THREE


See, I’m writing a personal blog, I can say anything about anyone I want because I have no journalistic integrity, implied or otherwise. AOL on the other hand has millions of Americans getting news forced on them (it pops up if I want it to or not, remember) and it’s always struck me as a little sinister.

My guess is that they run headlines that are so unrelated to the actually story because all of these stories get split into 5 – 15 micro pages, each one with a new AD on it.  In other words, it’s a scam to make more Ad money. Still, there really is no excuse for this kind of bad reporting.