In episode 5, learn about the best worst movie ever made!

Interesting things of note:

I made a flash game last year, you should play it and feel like you’re really there!

I ended up using the legend films version of the movie and turning it back into black and white so it would be as clear as possible.

This host segments of the video were filmed in 1080i HD using the same green screen and after effects technology as my other reviews. It was a lot of fun to make it look as vintage as possible with match grain and desaturation.

The hat I had my friend Eric wear is the only fedora I have and is bright red. To my pleasant surprise I found that it was a perfect match for Tor Jonson’s in the movie. It even fits on his head the same way!

The background plate was the other half of the pizza box I used for the pan handling section. It’s the first and what I hope to be several miniature sets.

I moved my hand behind the light to get the starts to twinkle.