The Wacko Media Logo was created over years of design and thought. The symbol in the middle is purposely ambiguous, is it a grin or a tongue? Because of this the center is never filled in with any other color different then the rest of the background.


The logo is inside concentric boxes of solid colors.  This is to show that I may be wacko, but I can also be serious and direct at the same time.  The font for the Wacko Media name is Arial Black, a bold font that will look clean no matter what scale the logo is given.


The primary color for the logo is red, black, and white, but these colors can be changed to match the document or video it is being shown with, as long as they are complementary to themselves. Only one color should be used to emphasize the logo, the rest should be white and black.

These colors can be used to distinguished between departments or projects sections, although nothing like this as been assigned. It is not accidental that these color choices can also be used for Sentai and SciFi rank designations. I hope to have patches, cards and pins made in the future with these specs.

The color choices above are listed for this purpose and should be adequate for any project. However, if a situation arrives where another color is needed permission should be asked before a change is made.


When dealing with black and white, it is important to have proper contrast. This version of the logo is given the most leeway with what sections should be sold or not. These three examples should cover most needs, so please ask before making further changes.

The header on the Wacko Media website is an excellent example of an approved change.


The size and background textures were changed to bring it inline with the website. However, it should be noted that this is a semi-temporary header and will most likely be replaced with one more suited to the entire site once it finds it’s audience and footing.

If you have any questions or would like a high rez copy of the logo, please leave a comment below.