The house Gabi and I live in was unoccupied for a 6 years and the gutters and branches had gotten pretty bad. When it rains water gets into the basement and we’ve been meaning to take care of it for a while and finally got around to it yesterday.

Luckily most of the gutters had covers on them and it didn’t take long get the build up of leafs, after that it was a matter of trimming the branches and there was the perfect tool to do that down in the basement.

It’s basically a lopper with a chainsaw where the blade should be, it was brand new in the box too so score!

Gabi’s the gardener of the two of us she she did the actual lopping, I held the branches and made sure they didn’t land on her head.

Gabi’s parents hate us being up there, but I kinda liked it, it was a great view and I could see myself up there when the weather is nice.

Speaking of weather it was actually a nice day for yard work, but the fountain right across the culdesac is still frozen.

Seeing cold and warm mix like it does here is still so bizarre to me.