I started this school with the want to make flash cartoons, I learned how to animate in AfterEffects class but I was expecting some basic training in flash. Unfortunately this was not the case, the main goal of both flash classes was the teach me action scripting for Internet web pages, video games, and (cringe) animated banner ads.

I know, its’ ugly.

If you click on it you can see my first attempt at animation. See, the problem was they didn’t do a very good job at teaching us the how of the animation. I didn’t understand how to use multiple movie clips together to get really cool animations going on at once.

They also didn’t let me use my beloved illustrator to make my graphics. Even though the two programs are 100% compatible and are both the same vector math, I had to do everything in flash. I hated it. The original idea of this ad is that the bug was going to change from the old car to the new using a morph feature, but because I had to relearn how to draw I only had time for one of the cars.