Nintendo held a competition based on the movie The Wizard and to do this they had 116 custom cartridges made. 90 were the standard grey color and they currently resell at about 6 grand.

25 were gold carts like Zelda and they sell for as much as 20 grand. Not only are these games considered “Holly Grails” of video game collecting, but because they were made for a nationwide tournament, they are also the definitive measure of a person’s game play ability. Win a NWC tourney and be crowned a wizard, plain and simple.


What you are looking at is a freshly manufactured NES cartridge, hot off the press. Isn’t that cool?


What you are looking at is a freshly manufactured NES cartridge, hot off the press. Isn’t that cool?

The reproduction was painstakingly crafted to be just like the real thing. This is good because if we were talking about just a ROM downloaded off the Internet, they would always be the argument that “the timer wasn’t right” or “there’s a delay with the keyboard you don’t get with the real controller”

It even has the dip switches that control the time of the game.


The time was hard wired into the cart so all 90 players would end at the exact same time. No cheat codes or Game Genies are going to trick this one.

Thanks to this, I was able to play the real chip, on a real NES at AFO 09. I first played tested it in Tampa and didn’t have access to old school gear. Instead I used my parents HD TV to test it on Gabi’s tried and true NES.


I didn’t do too bad for my first try in 18 years (yes I was there in 1990, I didn’t do very well)


The average score for a n00b is around 100 to 120 thousand, but the experienced players can score 3 million and more.

Paul was nice enough to hook me up with a display that will let us have trials to get into the game.


Buck also bought a copy of this cart, so we were able to have freeplay in the game room that way folks got use to it before they had a real run during the tourney. It even has a reset button so we can keep running the game all day in the gameroom unattended.