My buddy Eric found something really interesting the other day. We searched around and couldn’t find any info on it, so I asked him to put the details here so we could try to find out more about it.


This is NOT one of the many interesting things found when Wacko moved into his house. (but the things he did find can be seen here).

But…I thought this was a pretty sweet find of it’s own.

Yes, it’s a bottle of Tru Blood from the popular vampire show on HBO.

I had been wanting to try a bottle since about a year ago when I first heard they actually made it.  I read that FYE sold it, but never managed to get out there.  The other day I decided I finally needed to pick one up, so I did & it lived in my fridge for the past week.

I watched the season finale this morning and figured it would be a good time to taste this fantasy beverage.  However…upon closer inspection, it seems the imprinted name on the glass bottle has a bit of a misprint.

I’ve been trying to find more information on this misprint, but can’t seem to find anything.  I have talked to several other fans who believe it looks like it may be quite a valuable collectible.  If anyone happens to know anything about it, please let me know.


Thanks, Eric.

If it’s not clear it has two B’s in the word Tru Blood when it should normally only have one, what a cool typo.

I find this especially interesting because it’s a glass bottle. This is either something happened a lot or something exclusive to this one shipment, so if you’ve found some yourself or have more info please comment, I’ll add the info to the post proper.