Just three days ago I told you guys about the tripod head I put onto a microphone stand to make a really stable monopod.

I mentioned then that I had whipped it up so I could go down stairs in film. Well that episode is rendering now and I found that the original head I used was too old and hung at a slight angle.

This made all my footage look like it was from the planet Psychlo so I had to make a .1 degree rotation to everything shot so it would be straight.

Since the problem was the head and not the idea of the monopod I decided to go ahead and replace it with a new one I got a good deal on.

This new head has a removable dock, smooth 3 gimbal action, and a small level built into the side to make it easier to know for sure it’s even.

I made this mod so I can move around the set easier and faster then with a normal setup. Since I’m on smooth ground all the time one leg is better then three in my case.

Ironically, now that I had the monopod I wanted a way to mount my sound closer to me, so I put the mic head on the now useless camera stand.

I never posted about it but the sound was hung above the set for the last two episodes and that didn’t work like I wanted. This will let me keep the mic just out of frame so the sound should be really solid from now on.

I feel like a mad scientist, putting the head of a camera on the body of a mic and vise versa.

WHAHAHA today my spaceship set, tomorrow THE WORLD WHAHAHAHAHAaa!!!