All American Holliday

Since it was the 4th of July The Gang and I decided to go on a trip to see some product placement! Put on your Sunday best kids… were going to The Kwiki-Mart!

Ah, the freedom we Americans have.

This store was really quite cool, all of the 7-11 logos had been removed and it had a lot of details inside.

We ran into Allen working his part time job as a Duff delivery guy and he was a little surprised to see us.

What? you didn’t know Miller Lite was a subsidiary of the Duff corporation?

Buzz cola appears to be a company all it’s own though, there were no other markings on the can I bought.

It was tasty, I kinda hope it stays on after the movie.

Although the Buzz was good, the real reason I came to the Kwiki-Mart was for a squishee. A squishee that was 100% syrup!

The feeling was… intense…

I don’t really remember what happened after I drank it. Karen, Erik, and Carol won’t tell me. I don’t think I really want to know anyway…

It’s a good thing Carol is the wife of a cop. She was able to convince Officer Quimby that Squishee related psychosis is not a criminal offense.

You know the trip is over after you almost get arrested, so I got my squishee and my buzz and headed home.

On the way out, I saw some kids taking the 4th of July spirit just too far!

They ended up throwing squishee at me, and telling me not to have a cow. I swear some kids are just underachievers! They have no appreciation for great marketing.