I’ve had three monitors on my computer for a very long time, but only this week have I rigged up all three to be on the same computer.

While rendering a video I need all the processing power I can get so I’ve always had some kind of extra computer plugged in the the tertiary screen just music and movies.

Well, now that most video is HD I’m having trouble getting that second computer to keep up with the demand so I got a new video card from Brinson and an adapter to let all three work from the PC.


this screen shot shows all of them working at once, making my desktop something like 4800×1200 wich is a lot of usable real estate.

There are still times when I need my computer to concentrate, so I’ve wired the older computer into the switch on my front panel so I can jump to it when I need to.

I’ve only had it running for a short while, but it’s been a huge improvement so far. I just wish I could control the volume of whatever I am watching separate from what I am editing.

I have a few ideas on how to do that, and if I work it out will let you know.