I’m a fan of the Transporter series and I’ve finally gotten a chance to see part 3

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very good. The concept was strong this time, forcing Frank to stay within 150 feet from his car at all times.

The trailer promised fantastic stunts and car-fu fighting as people keep trying to steal whatever he’s delivering.

But honestly, that’s not what we got.

Instead of balls to the walls action the last two films had we got a leisurely drive through Europe where a fight would occasionally break out. It had about half as much fighting as the other movies, and the new director said he did this on purpose because “we have few, but our fight scenes are more exciting.”

no, no they’re not.

Compared to the other two films this movie was a mess in every way. I normally give the plot a little leeway in this series, but this one has a hole too big not to mention.

The bad guy forces Frank to drive for him to transport his hostage from France to the Ukraine and puts the bomb on him to make sure he does what he’s told.

The only problem is that the bomb only stops him from leaving the car, it doesn’t actually stop him from driving the opposite direction then what the bad guys want him to.

Excepting that he needs the best transporter in the world, why did the bad guy let frank drive unsupervised for two days? Almost instantly he finds himself trying to get his hostage back, and having to fight the super muscles kung-fu action guy.

Even in a movie like this, that was a stupid thing to do.

(oh, the glass he breaks in that trailer when he gets his car back is fine the next scene.)