Yesterday I started a 3 day motorcycle training course at the Harley Davidson shop off of I-4.

I know there is a Harley-East that’s closer, but I see this one form the interstate all the time and I liked what I saw. Turns out I was right, if you ever think of getting a bike you should go to this class first.

You get a free bandanna!

On Friday we did all in-class stuff like watching videos about safety. When I came in today I took a written test and got 100% on it. That certifies me as far as the DMV is concerned and that fills me with a bit of pride. I had to take the written drivers test 3 times when I was 17, and it’s nice to know I’ve grown a little bit when it comes to this kind of school stuff.

After that, we took to the course.

The bike we used for the day is called a Buell Blast

Buell is a company that was bought by Harley a while back, as a way to make sports bikes. Kinda like how Disney uses Touchstone when they make non-Disney movies.

Our version of the bike wasn’t as nice as the picture here. That’s not a complaint as much as an observation. 75% of our training had us riding the clutch or driving in 2nd where we should be in 1st, and that’s not good for the transmission. Since each bike sees hundreds of riders a year it functions well, but clunky, just as you would expect.

I got sweaty today but was surprised how bearable it was. Being out in the sun with a helmet, jacket, and gloves can be draining, but it was manageable. Unlike normal everyday riding, we spent just as much time pushing the
thing around as we did letting it carry us, so I figure if I’m doing
all right on the course, I’ll be fine in normal conditions.

Some people went out in more ‘winter’ non-bike stuff like long sleeve sweaters and gloves, and even though it was all lighter, they seemed to be hotter then I was in full gear. It’s nice to know that the equipment really was well thought out.

I get to go back and do it one last time tomorrow, after that I”ll be able to get my license, then I can legally drive on the sidewalks.. uh streets.