Every year since I was very very small I would start the holiday season by drinking the years first glass of eggnog from a cup my grandmother bought for me.

The thing about this cup is that it was very old, and most likely had lead based paint in it, but this was the only thing I still had that I know for sure was bought for me by my granny so I had one small glass from it every year.

as I started getting older and living farther away from home, it was hard to start the season right, and I would often wait till Christmas itself before I got to have some eggnog.

Since my mom and Gabi knew this was an important tradition for me, they both ended up getting me a new lead free cup for Christmas last year.

Although I really like the one Gabi got for me, the one my mom got was a whole set, and that means Gabi gets her own cup and can share in my favorite Christmas tradition, not to mention that these new cups are almost an exact match to the original one granny bought for me.

It’s good to have traditions I think. I don’t have many but I really enjoy the ones I have. Another tradition I just completed was bugging Gabi while she makes thanksgiving dinner, and soon I’ll be going to ICE at Gaylord palms. That last thing is really great if you want a true holiday experience, you should go.

It’s going to be a good holiday I think, more… Christmasie then I’ve had in a while. Maybe it’s because I got to drink my Xmas nog early this year, you know small things like that can dictate a lot.