I went over to Full Sail today and used the gear Erik has access to capture Ninja Turtles 1 in the highest possible quality.  It’s now in After Effects and I’ve already started putting in facts and gags.


I’ve learned a lot in the the 8 months since I did The Wizard so I plan to fill this with a lot more content then I could have before. Not only will you see 3D and Jabba the hut, but there will be tons of cross referencing actors and other film footage too.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, I’m still working on pop rocks. The school computers are so much better that I took it there to render, and since they have CS4 I can now ONLY work on it there, so that’s slowing me down. Still it should be rendered soon.

TMNT at night, and PopRocks during the day… I sure am busy for a guy that dosn’t have any classes