When I took Ninja Turtles SE over to Bucks for review I found it was not very clear on his HD screen. I realized that my Mpeg 2 encoding could use some work so I decided to put as much effort into mastering the DVD as I did in making the movie in the first place.

It’s less about making it look nice for the con, and more about showing that I can do this kind of thing for my portfolio. I wanted to focus on making the menu and not the graphics, so I added some sprites from the video games

This is only a fraction of what I used, I animated them and bascially made a simple cartoon for the main menu.

I’ve spent all week reencoding the entire movie and now I think it’s really top notch quality wise. Now that I have it complete I think it will even look sharp on Bucks TV, Ill go back and check soon.

Once I have a gold master of the disk I will upload the opening to youtube so you guys can see it, I think you’ll be impressed with the whole thing, it really is portfolio worthy.