Today is an important day for me… no, not because it’s Cinco de Maio.

I have 100 days, 20 hours, 14 minutes, and 37 seconds until AFO, and that means it’s time to train.

As I may have said before, the actual goal is Septembers Dragon*Con and spartan gear, but AFO is more important to me, and I want to look my best for THAT weekend.

My current weight: an unacceptable 190lbs. (at least I’ve enjoyed my 2 months of sloth) so, I’m going to start hitting the cardio and weight training today, and start a rigorous diet mid month.  I have all the supplies I need ready to ship from amazon as soon as I have the funds to do so.

Now that I have done this a few times, I can set some goals to try to reach, I have two objectives:

Get down to a weight of  165 – 170 and be able to run a 5 minute mile.  They are hard goals, and I may not reach them, but I think that I have a good shot at doing so.

Wish me luck.