I’m not a fan of world of warcraft, but I love me some theoretical technology. Check this guy out.

That’s 36 individual wow accounts all running at once for one player. He is using a program called octopus that lets him control each screen with one keyboard and mouse.

In essence, he is his own guild, and his own raiding party. His goal is to get all of them up to the maximum level of 80. By my book that makes him a level 2880 player with all the advantages and problems that comes with that. (for example getting xp and loot when you fight people so far below you will be just as time consuming if a normal level 80 went and killed level one rats all day.)

To me, this is ridiculously cool… expensive, but still cool.

You can find the creators breakdown of the project here

It’s interesting that I’m not the only one that thinks it’s cool. I did some google searching on people that covered the story, and there are hardly any comments talking about how this guy needs to get a life.

It’s impressive no matter how you look at it.