This is madness! This is Tampa!

I went to the Tampa Renascence Fair last weekend with Carlye, Stacia, and the gang. Stacia was watching our seats for the human chess tournament while Carlye, the baby, Deb, and I were walking around looking at the shops. I get a call on my cell phone that Stacia is getting nervous holding so many seats and asked us to come back as soon as we could. Carlye was buying something from the shop so she asked me to take her little baby, Alice, back to the chess match to help hold the seats.

You have no idea how happy this made me. I was deemed responsible enough to take care of the baby BY MYSELF for a full 5 minutes! I turn and start pushing her back the way we had come. I’m ready for anything! rain! sleet! ninjas! bring them on! I’ll protect the child! Suddenly, a man in period garb jumps out from a gate.

“HALT!” he says.

I stop right away. He wants everyone to wait while something from behind the gate goes past. A few moments later a gas powered golf cart comes out pulling two cages. Inside the cages are giant orange and black tigers. They moved around in their cadges restlessly, looking for cute little redhead children to eat.
“Great” I think. “I really will have to protect Alice with my life.”
I get myself ready for the inevitable system failure and the realize of the creature. I picture myself tossing Alice back to Carlye, then feeling the fangs in my leg, oh the heroic death!
The cart goes by without incident of course, and a few minutes later I continue to push the baby carriage.

I’m lucky it was tigers, eminent death I can deal with. I would have lost it completely if it was something serious like a dirty diaper.