It was pretty obvious when I posted about the Alex Bradley costume, but I feel like making this really clear…

I had terrible hair!


It’s ok, it DOES look like a penis, you can admit it.

I really wanted to have the worst possible haircut and drew inspiration from two major sources.

I don’t know how Guy Gardner pulls that off, it’s just atrocious!

I seemed to hate it more than most people, and that’s kinda why I’m making this post. Noticed or not I took one for the team this year, damn it!

Just like last year I couldn’t wait to get rid of the insane dew so I had Gabi cut it off as soon as they called wrap on the last day.


It’s been a while since I’ve been bald, I think I wear it well.


Someone asks for a power level and you think that of me?! NO! I am the one who scans!