Weeks before dragoncon I pinched my sciatic nerve. I know it’s my sciatic because this diagram shows pretty clearly where the hurt is.

at first the pain wasn’t too bad but ever since I got back from the con it’s really been pinched bad! I think it might have been sitting in the car for 8+ hours on the ride home, it’s hard to say.

main thing is that I’ve been pretty much immobilized since I’ve been home. I go out when I can, but spend a lot of time sitting on a hot pad or ice pack.

looking it up online it seemed like I was pretty doomed, this is one of those things that doesn’t heal well. Then I came across a sight for runners that recommended ibuprofen to stop the irritation.

I’m not big on taking medication more then once in a blue moon, so I was shocked by how well this worked. What was painful enough to keep me up at nights and force me to sleep on the couch is now pretty much gone. I don’t know how long I’ll have to take it, but it feels good to not be a slave to this annoying pain anymore.

I haven’t been to the Gym since last week, I hope I can swing by tomorrow and get my workouts started again more regularly.