Since we held the Nintendo World Championships at AFO 09, we decided to show The Wizard late night on Saturday. It would be boring to just show the movie so buck and I are going to be doing live commentary, and portions of the movie will be in STARTLING 3D!


It breaks into 3d a few times during the film and we will have 3d glasses for people to wear. Since I was going through that trouble I also tossed in a few other FX.



You can’t digitally enhance a 20 year old film without adding Jabba the Hutt!


See, the makers of the wizard always wanted Jabba to be in this scene, but they didn’t have the technology to make it happen until now. Using state of the art software we are finally able to bring The Hutt to life like Todd Holland , the director of the wizard always dreamed.

Yea, I’m sure when he finds out what I’ve done to his movie he’s going to be ecstatic!

I made this video as a testbed for future projects, but it ended up getting a decent showing in its own right. From here, I would make a few more special edition movies and it’s become a big hobby for me.