I never talk about it, but The Wizard of Oz is one of my all time favorite movies.

wizard of Oz 03

I know this movie has well as GhostBusters and Back to the Future, but for some reason I never quote it unless it’s a requote from MST3k.

When I first saw the trailer for the prequel I could see that whoever made it (turns out it was Sam Rami) had the same kind of love for the movie.

I always have a distrust of prequels but I think there’s some room in this film and am excited to see it.

In preparation, I pulled out my copy of the film.

Wizard of Oz dvd

Not only is this the first version of the movie put out on DVD, but it was also one of the very first I ever bought.

And guys, this movie rocks socks.

It kicks ass.

It, in the modern parlance, is fucking awesome!

The Wicked Witch of the West is super scary.


If she ever showed up wanting my shoes I would probably give them too her and hope she didn’t notice that they smelled a little like pee.

As iconic as she is, Watching it again as an adult I realize that the Wizard is my favorite character.

wizard of Oz 01

This dude puts on a great show, and when caught just tells everyone to not pay attention to him.

When that doesn’t work he takes his failure and turns it into an award ceremony for the people who caught him.

Not only is this a slick as hell con job that he makes up on the fly, but it’s also clearly brings in a contingency plan that he had all along. He takes what he has and turns it to what he needs.

My hero!

And now they’ve made a movie about him. I am totally for this.

The only downside is the effects in it look like crap.

Oz great and CG

They couldn’t even bother to put a real weather vane and rotate it off camera, oh no it’s all gotta be CGI because cartoons look better in three-deeeeee!


Practical effects will win ever time, hands down.

That’s a lesson I should really learn… if only I could figure out how to make spaceship models…