This is one of the many interesting things found in the house when we moved in. You can see them all here.

While cleaning the basement I found a fun fishing game that still had working batteries in it.

It’s from the 90’s and the idea is that you can fish in the great places of the world. The silver part has a servo so it knows when you are pulling back on the pole.

I thought when you held it upside down it looked like a scanner so I replaced the reel with a more scifi knob, added some gaff tape the the grip, and removed the stickers.

I know the pics are from the finished product, but I didn’t think to take any of the inbetweens this time.

Once the stickers were cleaned up the next thing I did was open the game casing. I took out the shiney graphic backdrop of the sea and replaced it with some shiney silver resume paper I’ve used for other projects.

I got really lucky with the lights on the side. I found those at the dollar store and all I had to do was attach them to the game. An extra erector set bar fit perfectly and it aligned to a speaker hole that didn’t have a speaker in it. (the speaker is on the top where an identical mount was available.)

There was plenty of room in the housing for the screws and wires so mounting the lights and the clip on the bottom was a breeze.

The three lights flash in sequence but they were never meant to work with a twin. I ended up soldering both buttons to a single switch attached to the side of the machine.

Now they both get turned on at the exact same time and flash together as one unit creating a blinking flashing prop that has a working screen, sound and cool controls… oh and it has a motor in it so it randomly rumbles too.

I do plan to wear it as a PKE meter the next time I put on my Ghostbusters uniform, but I was actually thinking this will be used for Wacko Reviews so I made sure not to make it look too much like the movie prop.

I am happy with the way this came out, and REALLY happy at the price. I already had the game, clip, screws, wires, switch, knob, and gaff tape so all I needed was the lights.

Total cost for this project was 2 dollars plus tax and about 4 hours of time, and that right there is awesome!